For years, the use of keywords has been the dominant factor in creating articles that rank highly on search engine result pages. However, with Google changing its algorithms to emphasize the quality of the content, search engine optimization methods are changing as well. Today, the content quality itself plays a far larger role in determining its ranking on search engine sites whichis why more web designers, blog, and online business owners are turning to content creation services for help.

What is High Content Quality?

Essentially, this is content that is informative, to the point and filled with interesting information. So for example, an article that discusses a particular subject would be easy to understand, filled with interesting points and information and tight in the sense that there is little extraneous information that simply stretches out the number of words.

Until a few years ago, online content was considered effective if it contained a certain type and number of keywords or key phrases. Google would then rank a particular blog, article or post based mostly on its relationship of keywords to the query entered by the user. However, Google has adjusted their algorithms to emphasize the overall quality of the content to a much greater degree.

This means that the content must not only contain the proper keywords, but it must also contain good, readable information that is beneficial to the user. No longer will articles stuffed with keywords that are difficult to read and containing little usable information

Importance of a Content Marketing Plan

For those who are going to upgrade their content, it is very important that a marketing plan gets shaped around it. Good content benefits the reader and the marketing plan used should promote that particular aspect of what you are providing for potential customers. Even if your website is a blog for building up web traffic, your content marketing plan needs to emphasize the quality, direction and overall value of the articles posted.

The real benefits of having a marketing plan focused on the quality of your content is that it builds upon itself over time as more people become aware of the value of the articles. This creates a snowball effect where people who discover quality content begin to spread that information to their friends and through social networks.

The end resultis having a marketing plan that is also carried by word of mouth from those who have seen the content of your website. In addition, your marketing plan has a hook or focal point that can tie together all of your efforts to promote your website.

Utilizing a content creation service will help you get the most out of your blogs and articles that will promote your website. With more emphasis being placed on content, it pays to use a content service that provides the best in solid, high quality content that will build up your web traffic, increase your customer base and improve your business brand.