Website Design and Development

Our web development tool of choice is WordPress. WordPress is an open source software that powers more than 75 million websites around the world. Wordpress is highly flexible, robust, and Google loves WordPress… it is super search engine friendly.

Our team is well-versed in web programming and website design. We handle everything on the surface and behind the scenes of your website– the look and feel of a website, the structure of it, and the user experience. We believe in delivering a website design that goes beyond the initial look of “stunning” or “pretty”. Your website is developed with clear goals, structure, and the right functionality for your business.

Our finished sites are mobile responsive, HTML5, and retina ready. If you are looking for a corporate or personal brand website, membership site with advanced functionality, or a simple lead generation system, we’ve got you covered.

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Safeguard Website Protection Service

Are you ready to take your hands off, and hand over the on-going upkeep of your website to a professional team so that you can focus on what you do best? Our safeguard protection plan includes a wide variety of support services to keep your website safe, secure, and performing its very best.With ongoing care and maintenance in addition to adding fresh content, your site’s position in search engine rankings will improve.

When operating a business online you always have to keep in mind what the “visitor experience” is like when someone visits your website, some frequently asked questions for site owners include:

  • Are my visitors easily able to navigate through my website?
  • Does my website load fast enough to keep users from leaving?
  • Is my website configured to rank high in the search engines?
  • How will I keep track of my website’s performance in the future?
  • Technology changes fast and websites require upgrades, replacement, security, scanning and repair on a regular basis. Our Safeguard Protection Service will give you peace-of-mind knowing your business asset (your website) is well protected.

Over 60 Million Websites Run On WordPress, This Makes the Platform Very Attractive to Hackers, It’s Extremely Important to Keep Your Website Protected

Streamline Model Course Membership Websites

Are you a professional Coach, Speaker, Consultant or Entrepreneur who would like to teach and share your expertise without selling your time? Our Streamline Model Membership Websites are the most flexible and complete way to generate recurring income as a teacher, coach, or trainer without trading your time for money.

We will assist you in transforming your 5, 10, even 20 years of experience into a full step-by-step signature course quickly. Once your course material has been completed our web development team takes over and transform the course content into a customized membership website that delivers your content to customers anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You’re no longer limited by specific times, dates, or locations; you are able to continue doing the things that you truly enjoy with your time while still generating income.

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Custom SEO Diagnostic Audit Report

A weak, under-performing website that doesn’t attract new clients can often be a big part of what is keeping you from having a thriving business. When you submit your website for review, we will examine your site from every angle and look for specific things that you can do to help your site perform better.

We look at everything from the overall site design and ease of use, to visitor engagement, to optimization factors, and then we build a Custom Website Analysis Report for you!

Your report includes: What’s working well currently, Suggestions to improve rankings, Barriers preventing your website from ranking higher, Guidance on Meta Tags, and much more.

Your SEO Diagnostic Audit is both a guide to getting better organic search results and a benchmark for measuring your improved results after you implement the recommended changes.

Content Creation Service

It’s a fact, Google is the king of search engines and what the king wants is more quality content. Many businesses struggle to find ways to create quality content on a consistent basis. Content creation can be very time consuming and expensive. Every piece of content your business publishes represents your brand; it says something to your current and prospective customers.

No matter what product or service your business offers its customers, you can bet your audiences are hungry for more information. Consumers and business clients alike turn to the Internet to find information, and those companies that make it available to them gain a distinct competitive edge.

The more authentic content the website has, the larger is its opportunities to get ranked in search results. Also, more is the chances for the content to get shared through social networks, adding to the visibility of the website.

Our Content Creation Service Includes: Blog Posts, Explainer Videos, Business Reports, Infographics, and more!

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Digital Marketing Alliance Service

Are you an established Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Consultant, or Coach with a minimum of 5 years of proven success in your current industry?

Are you looking for …..

  • A marketing partner who can help you cultivate your entire digital marketing and online business presence
  • A partner who can step in and take charge of the website design, development, monthly management, lead generation, and email marketing
  • Someone who understands the ever changing digital landscape of the internet and stays up­to­date with the current trends
  • A partner who can control, manage and facilitate the video marketing, list building, SEO updates, social media, lead generation strategy, and content creation
  • The partner that’s going to allow you to focus and concentrate your time and energy on teaching, selling, writing, or coaching; without worry or stress about the websites, online marketing, or other “back end” fulfillment obligations Jordan Hunter Digital Marketing has established a team of experienced website developers, graphic designers, marketers, video producers, SEO consultants, and other key members needed to execute your digital business. We are ready and willing to discuss strategic partnerships with proven industry professionals.