It was not long ago that a standard digital marketing platform was very similar to a simple, print brochure that offered images and text, but little else. Today, such platforms are filled with video and moving images that create a top-flight marketing tool which attracts customers from around the world. For some, the old appearance of the digital marketing platform seems like an eternity ago, but in truth only about a decade has passed since it made its remarkable transition.

What is a Digital Marketing Platform?

Essentially, this is a platform where you can communicate with your audience through a number of different means that includes the following;

  • Analytics
  • Servers
  • Content Management
  • Video
  • E-commerce & More

Basically, this is an integrated system that allows you to approach your audience in a number of different ways in order to sell your products or services. Today, there is a wealth of information that will let you find out your audience, the best way to reach them, and how to broaden your customer base. However, in the old days of digital marketing things were much different.

The Beginnings of Internet Marketing

Around the turn of the 21st century when the internet was no longer considered a fad, small and large business owners along with entrepreneurs started creating digital marketing platforms. Since this was a new experience for all of them, they based their platform off of old fashioned but proven static brochures. Printed brochures were considered at the leading edge of marketing for many years and given the limitation of the internet seemed to be the perfect way to market their products and services.

For the first several years, this type of platform worked as the technology and creativity started to evolve to meet the demands of the rising customer base. However, by the latter half of the 2000s there had been a startling change in the technology available which created a new type of marketing platform for the digital age.

The Modern Online Marketing Platform

Of the many advances to the digital marketing platform, perhaps the most vibrant was the introduction of video combined with low-cost, high-quality video cameras that allowed for a broadcast-quality production to be hosted on the internet. Video changed digital marketing from the old, static system to a modern, moving one that today encompasses a great deal of advertising.

Another huge addition was the creation of the smartphone and mobile devices such as the tablet. With more people surfing the web from their mobile devices, marketers had to find new, creative ways to reach them. One of the most underappreciated changes was to the collection of information about users that businesses take advantage of to better market their goods or services to the right customer base.

All in all, the digital marketing platform has changed considerably from the old fashioned print brochure of a bygone day to the modern, fully dynamic advertising system that pulls in customers from around the world.