Since 2009, the Jordan Hunter Team lead by Sye and Marcus Wells has been helping our clients grow their businesses through Strategic Website Development, Social Marketing, Digital Course Creation, and Consulting Services.

Our co-founder Marcus Wells came from the mortgage banking industry and had an extensive background in the finance business.

Marcus has helped clients close hundreds of loans including Conventional, Non-Conforming, FHA, VA, Co-Op’s, Jumbo Loans, and Investor Loans.

It has always been our top priority to help our clients grow and expand their businesses.

After working with many entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors over the years, we started to recognize that the lack of capital was preventing many from growing their businesses.

We are excited to have a solution to assist our present and future clients.

JHD Capital is our most recent addition to our company and a solution for clients who are seeking funding to grow and expand.

Our clients have trusted us to deliver consulting and marketing services for the last 10 years, we can now assist our clients with:

  • Unsecured Business
  • Finance
  • Revenue Based Advances
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Fix N Flip R.E Investors
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