So, you’re a business owner who’s involved in marketing online. That fact means, or should mean, that you are business owner who is extremely interested in content. You see online marketing and content go together like, well, online marketing on content! Let’s take a look at why this is so.

If you are marketing a product and service online, you are doing so for precisely one reason – to attract customers. Why are you trying to attract customers? Well, to make sales, obviously. Why are you trying to make these sales? The answer that question is equally obvious; you’re trying to make sales to make money. So, after examining the issue in a little closer detail, it seems that the real reason why any business owner is marketing a product or service online is to increase profits. The reason why we took a look at this issue in such detail is because that fact sometimes gets lost in all the chatter. It’s way too an important a fact to lose sight of.

So, we’ll say it again – marketing equals money, not popularity or number of visitors or anything else. So, how does this relate to content? Well, when you run an online marketing campaign you do so in order to attract the attention of potential customers. If you can get these people to engage with your content there is a greater chance that they will build up a relationship of trust with your brand. This relationship of trust, in turn, increases the chances that they will, at some point down the road, purchase your product or service, thus increasing you profitability. So, if you again examine the details, it appears that content also equals money.

Now, the fact that quality content equals money is something that is lost on the vast majority of online marketers. Why? The short answer is that content gets overlooked or underplayed because most online marketers are lazy. It takes a lot of effort to consistently come up with content that grabs the eye and keeps it on your page. Alternatively, it costs a lot money to pay someone else to come up with the necessary content. The solution for these guys is to slap up something on their sites and call it good.

Content repurposing is a solution to this dilemma. When you reuse existing quality content you not only save time and money, you also have a plethora of new content that you can use to reach a brand new audience. New audience means new customers and greater profits. So, in the end, content repurposing means more money for you.