You have probably heard from so many people that you need to “niche down” when starting a blog. An extreme example would be focusing on “underwater basket weaving for seniors” rather than the larger “basket weaving” marketplace. And for the most part, that is great advice. This drastically lowers your level of competition, lessons the amount of research you have to do, and introduces you to passionate prospects who are closer to making a purchase decision than those in larger markets.

However, you can also find your niche (pun intended) in markets with lots of competition as well. Sometimes a lot of competitors is a sign of a healthy marketplace. So, how much competition is too much? Conversely, how do you know when your niche is too small, when a lack of competitors is a sign of no profitability or traffic? The key is realizing how you approach any marketplace, and the enthusiasm level of the prospects in that market.

Build Something That Lasts

One way to build a successful web presence is to really care about who you are talking to. Aim to build something that lasts. Don’t focus on short-term profits. Be patient and reach out to your prospective customers and followers. Solve big problems in their lives, make a difference, and you can create a successful piece of Internet real estate regardless how much competition you have.

Provide Food For the Hungry, Water For the Thirsty

There is an old marketing lesson which has been attributed to any number of marketing, business and sales gurus. An expert in marketing is giving a class on niche selection. He asks, “If you could have one thing to ensure the success of a business selling hamburgers, what would it be?”

Some answered that they would prefer the recipe for the best hamburger. Others said location was key. Dozens of other very good responses were given. However, the instructor told everyone that their answers were incorrect. He revealed, and rightly so, that the one thing you should look for before anything else if you are selling hamburgers is a “starving market”.

Competition really does not matter if you are selling food to people that are very hungry. Choose a niche where people are extremely receptive to the products and services you offer. This “starving market”; will ensure success, whether you are competing with thousands of bloggers or websites, just a few.