To have social media websites as part of your overall approach to business has been touted for the past several years. However, the truth is that your investment dollar is far better served focusing on your own website. To have the best in professional website development for your site has proven to be far more effective rather than wasting time on Facebook or many other social media sites.

Depending on the type of business that you run online, Facebook may be only mildly effective or not really effective at all when it comes to driving sales for your business. In fact, there is strong evidence to indicate the common methods that business owners are told about Facebook and their profits are simply not true.

Businesses that Hardly Use Facebook

Two of the biggest businesses in the US, Coca-Cola and Starbucks, only have a modest interest in social media sites such as Facebook. While both companies still have Facebook sites, they hardly ever update them with fresh information or use them to gauge customer interest. Of course, it may be argued that they are so large that Facebook does not have the same type of importance as it would for smaller businesses. But the truth is that Facebook and Twitter for example simply do not deliver the results that have been promised.

For both companies as well as several other large corporations, Facebook is a more effective advertising platform for them rather than engaging with customers. Given just how few posts with customers are made in the first place, the bulk of the effort that both Coca-Cola and Starbucks have on these sites are focused mostly on direct, old-fashioned advertising efforts.

Why Investing in Your Site Offers Better Results

While investing in social network sites such as Facebook may offer greater profit opportunities depending on your business model, the truth is that it is a very inefficient method of reaching new customers. Most businesses are far better off using the services of professional website development and building leads while engaging interested customers on their own web platform.

Creating a site for such engagement is perfect for niche businesses that want to keep the flow of web traffic on their site. This has been helped by the development of new software that allows for better communication on websites. In this manner, the social interactivity is now being created on the site itself rather than in social media which may not draw a potential customer to your site.

With more major businesses eschewing what Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites offer and instead looking inward to their own sites, it is a valuable opportunity for smaller businesses to also look inward as well and develop their own sites better and more effectively than before. Perhaps this is best statedwith the fact that email marketing is still more effective at signing up truly interested customers as compared to social media sites that may only reach a fraction of them.

It is simply better in terms of your business future to use proper professional website development to build leads by creating a universe where interested parties come to your site.