In fact, organic SEO remains one of the best ways to increase your page rank—without being penalized by search engines

As more and more people start to use the internet to shop for services and products, it’s becoming even more important to get your business visible on the big search engines.

Sounds difficult? Not really. Organic SEO is a white hat technique that enables you to drive your website up the rankings without having to worry about being punished for breaking search engine guidelines using what are called black hat techniques—these techniques get results fast, but when you’re caught, it’s game over for your website.

Organic SEO focuses on 4 main areas:

  • Content: well-written, elegant copy that’s relevant and filled with the correct keywords for your industry
  • Text: ensure that all text is easily read—invisible text stuffed with keywords is a big no-no
  • Code: correct use of tags, meta tags and other code under the hood helps search engines to correctly identify your website and pages
  • Sitemaps: often forgotten, submitting a sitemap to search engines enables them to index your website accurately—driving you up the ranks.

Most of these areas are related to the technological aspect of SEO—but what you can start working on right now is content. On the internet, well-written content is king: not only does it keep people on-site reading, but it’s also great for keeping your site fresh and relevant in the eyes of the search engine.

Organic SEO doesn’t have to be hard: it’s about using common sense and delivering value to readers through well-written, helpful content that helps people. Create this, and your website will rise up the page ranks.