When it comes to your website, it needs to be simple to navigate, clear and attractive to the viewers or customers that you want to attract. There are several principles that a professional website designer will use in creating the best site for an entrepreneur, blogger or small business that will create the best type of website for their needs.

However, times do change and with that means that older, outdated websites become very easy for the average visitor or consumer to spot. Even if the site follows all the rules about being simple to use, being outdated can turn away potential customers or visitors to the detriment of the site and the business.

Here are five of the most prominent signs that your website is in need of updated. By looking over and addressing these areas, you can fully update and create a site that is like-new and will start bringing in the web traffic once again.

Animated Intro Page

It was not long ago that having an animated page that introduced a website was considered vital to its success. Today, animated pages are considered passé and outdated because they waste time in getting the consumer to the site. If your website has an animated intro, it would be better to shut it off and simply allow visitors to proceed straight to your website.

Static Content

While content that never changes can create a pleasing look to the eye, it may signal to visitors that the site has not been updated in quite some time. Instead, you should have notices of the latest news, press releases or timely information that provides a valuable service to those who visit you site. At the very least, seeing a date that is the same day or at least very close to the day the site is being visited will assure customers and visitors that the site is currently maintained.

Site is Improperly Sized for Computers and Mobile Devices

Today, websites are created using responsive technology that allows it to change size to the viewing screen. Older sites do not have this capability which means that often they look too small for a computer, yet too large for a smartphone or tablet. To the viewer, this screams that your site is out of date and this is something that you need to change quickly.

Social Website Integration

It is now expected that all websites have some type of integration with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and the like. Not having social media integrated into your site tells customers that you are really out of date. At least seeing symbols of the most popular social media sites is expected and a professional web designer will need to help integrate them into your website.

Visible Hit Counter

This may be the most obvious sign that your website is outdated. A visible hit counter is basically the same as a car lot that sells Model T Fords. You will need to have that counter removed as soon as possible along with anything else that dates your website.

A professional website designer can go over your site and find all the outdated material that is holding back your efforts online.