When it comes to building websites, there are few programs as popular as WordPress. Designed to be simple, yet infinitely expandable, WordPress has certainly earned a reputation that has allowed it to be used to build countless websites since its inception. However, there are two other popular web building platforms that also provide advantages as well, WIX and Weebly.

It must be noted that to the professional website designer, all three site building platforms will generate personal preferences that cannot be accounted for when it comes to which one is better. However, there are some substantial differences that make WordPress a cut above either WIX or Weebly when it comes to building websites.

WordPress vs. Weebly

If there is any advantage that Weebly has above WordPress, it is that creating a website is incredibly easy. Weebly was constructed so that building websites would be very simple and intuitive thanks to this remarkable program. You can pretty much drag and drop what you want, where you want when using Weebly.

However, that is where any advantage of this system ends as WordPress is almost as easy and intuitive to use while offering considerably more support. Because of the nature of WordPress, there are a far greater number of designers who provide many tools and services to help designers build a very impressive website. While there is some complexity, WordPress is also very intuitive to use and not that much more of a challenge than Weebly.

WordPress vs. WIX

WIX is generally considered in the same boat as Weebly when it comes to being a simple, straightforward site building for the professional website designer. WIX is self-contained and offers many proven elements that make it an intuitive program to use, arguably easier than WordPress.

However, WordPress is not that difficult to master and it offers far more support especially in terms of plugins that you can obtain or purchase from the many designers who have created them specifically for WordPress. While is can be argued that WIX is simpler, it is also far less flexible than WordPress which allows designers to quickly incorporate new programs, security measures and a host of different ideas into their websites.

Another advantage is that WordPress is fairly easy to learn, particularly for web designers that want to become professionals in the industry. When you combine the ease of learning with great flexibility, WordPress is definitely a step above most other website design systems. While it is true that obtaining certain plugins may require spending more money, the end result is that the flexibility outweighs the limited nature of WIX or Weebly for most websites.

In conclusion, for a person who may only design one or two websites in their lifetime, then WIX or Weebly may be the way to go for those who do not want a steep learning curve. For everyone else and that includes the professional website designer, WordPress simply offers too many advantages and too much support that greatly outstrips both WIX and Weebly.