When it comes to promoting your products or services on the net, video is the king. Effective video marketing services have revolutionized the way entrepreneurs and online businesses have marketed their companies, products, and services. Since the advent of YouTube, video marketing has simply exploded thanks to in large part to the great
reduction in the price of purchasing video equipment along with the ease of editing and uploading new video.

While video marketing hassimply exploded over the past several years, 2016 offers the promise of even greater
potential. Here are 7 reasons why video marketing services will grow significantly over the year and in the
foreseeable future.

Improved Technology

Video cameras are getting better and cheaper all the time. In 2016, the release of new video and audio equipment
along with better editing software will make producing new videos cheaper while improving their overall quality.
This will only bode well for video being on the rise during 2016.

People Staying Longer

Videos cause people to stay longer on websites. One aspect when it comes to improving marketing is lengthening
the bounce rate or time that people spend on websites and video actually causes prospective customers to stay
longer. So, for 2016 video will remain one of the primary methods in keeping people in one spot.

Sales Conversion

Most marketing professionals claim that video offers the best sales conversion rate over any other major form of
advertising on the web. Actually, this is not really news since television commercials are the most expensive,
particularly for Super Bowl ads. So, for 2016, it is expected that video marketing services will only increase.

Greater Preference to Video over Text

One of the trends that will definitely continue in 2016 is video over text. This is because 60% of Millennials prefer watching a video over reading the text, a trend that will continue through 2016 and beyond.

Improving Features

Standing out from the marketplace will be even more important this year as more businesses contend for
consumer dollars. Current video software offers more filters, effects, and appearances to help a video really stand
out from the crowd. This will, in turn, create a higher demand for video for 2016.

Faster Messaging

Since video can deliver more information in less time compared to text and images, more marketers will use video
to deliver their advertisements. One trend is the micro-commercial of six seconds or less to conform to Vine and
other social media outlets.

Increased Video Traffic

Since video really took off after 2007, more customer traffic has been tied to videos. In 2016, it is expected to rise again and if it remains on its current trajectory reach 80% of all consumer traffic by 2019. Millennials, in particular, will spend upwards of $200 billion annually online by the end of 2016.

While advances in technology may change the trajectory of video marketing services, for the foreseeable future
the trends are very strong that 2016 will see continued growth of the video market on the web.