If you are just starting out or have not had much success using traditional methods of advertising on the web, then here are six reasons why good content can work for you.

Enhances Other Marketing Efforts: Content marketing is just part of your overall efforts, although it should be the one that you start off your online business. Arguably the main benefit from this form of marketing is that it really enhances your other efforts at reaching and retaining customers. Because you have good, solid, effective content, those who are attracted to your site by other means will have a very good reason to stick around. Really effective content can be used on your landing page which can help your sales conversion efforts and drive up conversations in terms of campaigns based on paid advertising.

Diversify Your Efforts: When you consider the many different options, mediums, and channels to distribute your content, you can reach a wide number of potential customers. While you may like to write articles, you can also use videos in terms of tutorials for example or infographics to visually drive home a point.

Podcasts, interviews, and other forms of content are also available for you to use in helping to expand your reach. So, even if you are not very good at writing articles, there are a myriad of other ways to reach potential customers using content as the basis of your approach.

High Return Potential: One of the greatest attributes of content marketing is the return on investment (ROI) that is received. For example, if you publish and subsequently syndicate the content you provide in several different places, the return of the small investment made will include the following;

  • Brand Enhancement & Improved Reputation
  • Greater Inbound Traffic
  • Better Customer Engagement & Retention
  • Broadening Customer Base

All of these advantages can be yours for the relatively small investment in terms of using effective content. Whether you write the content yourself or use a good content marketing service, your returns will be many times the investment.

Increase Web Traffic: The value of content in terms of helping your website increase traffic is considerable. Research has shown that companies that offer up to 100 pages of good, solid content have nearly 50% more web traffic compared to companies that only offer 50 pages of good, solid content. This advantage becomes even more profound when adding in potential leads which increase considerably as well.

In addition, the frequency in which you add new content directly affects the amount of web traffic that you receive. When you consider that companies which blog around 15 times per month have around five times the web traffic compared to companies that do not blog, you can see the value when it comes to incorporating this service.

Inexpensive: Another valuable aspect when it comes to this form of marketing is that it is relatively inexpensive to start. By building up a base of good content, your main investment is one of time and not money. This means that your ROI is considerable even if you have not used other forms of advertising as much. By investing in basics like content or hiring a content marketing service which provides you with good, solid material on a regular basis, you are still spending relatively little money which is quickly recouped thanks to the increase in web traffic.

Long Term Advantage: Good content is in some ways like fine wine in that the longer you invest, the greater the returns will be in the future.

Even if your earlier articles are long forgotten, the establishment of good, enjoyable content will create dividends that will only increase over time. People are naturally attracted to sites that offer a considerable amount of interesting content which is why they are more highly regarded and generate better repeat business.

Creating good content on a regular basis either with your own efforts or through a content marketing service is the best way to start off your advertising efforts. Once you start expanding with other marketing ideas, the content will serve as the basis for customers to revisit your site over and over again.

Why Content Marketing is So Important

When you consider that consumers are inundated with so many advertisements, texts, and messages than ever before, it can be quite difficult to take the traditional approach to marketing while separating your company from the competition.

Content marketing offers a greater impact and long-term relationships with your customers because it is tailored to their interests. It can convey the brand of your business as well as the products or services it provides without being obvious, overt, or annoying like so many traditional ads tend to be. As potential customers are tuning out traditional advertising approaches, those who base their efforts on content marketing are reaping higher rewards as a result.

This is especially true if they start by using content marketing and then build other marketing strategies such as social media advertising on top of what they are doing. In this manner, you can effectively branch out and build up long-term success at a far greater rate because of the content that is contained on your site.

6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Content Marketing before Social Media Advertising

It seems that it’s the natural inclination to jump into social media advertising almost immediately when starting up a new business. While it is true that advertising your products or services on social media offers considerable advantages, it can also be expensive and rather time consuming. While this form of advertising should be considered and in most cases pursued when the time is right, there is another method that may provide better results, especially when used first.

Content marketing has become even more vital towards marketing the products or services of a particular business. It’s probably not surprising that many successful businesses on the internet have been built on the foundation of content marketing. This is the reason why a content marketing service may be right for your needs.