Your digital marketing team is the backbone of the advertising efforts for your online business. The essential members of your team, namely the project manager, website developer, marketing strategist, content creator, social media manager, and PPC specialist form the backbone of your efforts.

However, you may find yourself in need of other positions to add to your team, particularly if you are greatly expanding your business or perhaps have a glaring weakness that needs to be filled. That is why when you learn online marketing it is important to recognize that certain needs may arise that are beyond the capabilities of your current team.

Here are other positions that you may want to fill on your digital marketing team depending on the circumstances that you find your business is in. Remember that you should only fill these positions if there is a real need that develops. Otherwise, it may not be cost efficient for you to spend money here when it could be best served elsewhere.

Analytics Specialist

How do you know the effectiveness of the digital marketing strategies that are being employed? The only way to know for sure is to analyze the analytics. While some in your marketing team already may know how to review the data, it is very important to understand its true meaning so that new techniques may be used or old ones revived in order to get the right audience for your business.

The analytics specialist will need to know and understand the goals of your marketing efforts and how to measure the results across a broad spectrum of media from written, video, to social networks and more. Having an analytics specialist may be well worth the money spent as they can provide an expert view of what is happening and spot subtle changes that your marketing team can use.

The person you hire must be well versed in analyzing using a wide variety of tools and understanding the impact of social media networks. They must be able to translate the data they found into something usable and understandable for your digital marketing team.

SEO Specialist

The SEO specialist is one that often operates independently, and you may be able to contract their services rather than hire them outright. The search engine optimization specialist will be able to go over your site, content, and all materials that emanate from your online business to see if they are fully optimized for search engines to find.

They will need a full understanding of how SEO works in today’s world and keep up with new technology and trends that will enhance your website’s ability to rank higher on search engines. They will generally work closely with your web developer and content creator to ensure that what is produced creates the best chances for SEO to work.

The person you hire needs to be very well versed in SEO and have considerable experience in making it work for previous companies.


Sometimes, the old-fashioned approach to selling works pretty well on the internet, and this is where your copywriter steps in to promote your business. The copywriter is a position that goes back many decades and has been used in traditional businesses to help sell products, services, and to boost the brand of the company.

Your copywriter will need plenty of experience in the field and be able to create both written and video presentations that really sell what you have to offer. Experience and originality help considerably in this field as you separate your business from the competition.

Graphic Designer

Generally speaking, the graphic designer is used to help create your website to provide it with a distinctive appearance. However, the graphic designer’s duties have expanded over time as technology has allowed for greater use of graphics, images, and video. To have a graphic designer on your staff means being able to craft new marketing campaigns that have a consistent aesthetic look while incorporating new designs into the campaigns.

Graphic artists can be hired directly or contracted for their services. You will need to find one that has considerable experience and has worked with a digital marketing team before. In particular, they will need to have working experience in a team environment so that they can stay on the same page as everyone else. This means when new ideas are introduced, they can quickly act to incorporate them into the campaign or if they have ideas it goes through the proper channels first so that there is no misunderstanding.

Email Marketer

Although email marketing may seem like a dinosaur from the past, it is actually still a vital part of the digital marketing effort. Emails are still highly used today and a great way to send valuable information that is directed at a customer. The email marketer will create the newsletter and other information that is sent to the email addresses of those who have expressed interest in your company’s products or services.

They will work closely with the copywriter and content creator in order to coordinate the marketing efforts of the company. The person hired for this position should be well versed in email marketing techniques, having run many successful campaigns over a period of time preferably with different companies.

Digital marketing teams vary in size and sometimes you have people doubling up on the responsibilities. So, it is very important to understand what your business needs and how it can be put together within the budget that was created. You should do an evaluation at regular times to spot trends that may require an expansion of your marketing team to address new issues.

When you learn online marketing, it is very important to know what kind of digital marketing team you will have working for you. While your business may not need all of these positions filled depending on your budget and other marketing efforts, it is important to know what roles are available and if your business could use the type of support that they offer.