There is little doubt that social media has changed the way online marketing is being conducted. While email marketing is still touted as being highly effective, far more young people are tuned into their social media accounts. This means that many content creation services are aimed at reaching their customers through social media formats such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many, many more.

With all the social media outlets now available, the question arises of whether there are too many and in trying to keep track of all of them that you are stretching your efforts too far. It is true that with content creation services you do not want to repeat it too much which can turn off customers with multiple accounts. So, what are the signs that your social media efforts are becoming too spread out?

The Signs of Diminishing Returns

There are the telling signs when your business is trying to handle too many different social accounts.

  • Substantial following on a single account, but not on the others
  • Spending lots of time on one account, but not the others
  • The feeling that the more social accounts included, the better your business will do
  • Substantial time spent on updating every social account

These are the signs that you are spreading your resources too thin when it comes to the number of social media accounts your business owns. Because of the number, many customers who post questions or are looking for responses do not receive any because your ability to respond effectively has been spread too thin.

How to Make the Right Choices with Social Media

If you find yourself spread too thin, then you’ll have to make some hard choices as to what platforms to keep and what to ditch. Obviously, the most successful outlets should stay while the ones that are not producing much of anything should go. It will be the ones in-between that are the most difficult regarding keeping or letting go. So, you’ll need to ask a few questions first before making the decision.

  • Does the social media site fit with my target audience?
  • What number can you handle?
  • What is your end goal with these sites?

You’ll want to forget the hype and simply look at your numbers to see which sites are working for you. It may mean cutting certain sites that have a good customer base, but you can always direct them to other accounts which may bring along a substantial amount. The important part is once you get back to a number that your business can effectively handle, you can then go back to those sites once your business expands.

In the end, you’ll want to wisely use your content creation services and limit the number of social media outlets to a manageable level. However, you should know that there are tools which allow you to post the same content on as many social media sites as you want which does ease the burden.