You probably know now that you should focus on a smaller niche rather than a large one. It is easier to be profitable, you can develop an authority reputation quickly, and your prospects are passionate about what you have to say. If you have created a web presence that is simply too broad or too inclusive, practice the following steps to narrow your focus for a much better chance at profitability.

Go Book Shopping

Your local bookstore can help you niche down. So can the magazine rack at Walmart, and online bookstores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In all of those cases, you can get a “sneak peek” at chapter titles and other relevant information in just about any book or magazine. All you need to do at a physical bookstore is open a book and look at the chapter titles.

If your current niche is firearms, take a look at the most recent Guns and Ammo magazine. Jot down chapter headings that offer sub-niche or microniche possibilities. Online, the biggest virtual bookstores will allow you to preview the Table of Contents of the book before you buy it, revealing the same information.

Ask Your Audience

If you have already started off in a broad market, you have developed some type of traffic. Why not ask them what specific, laser-targeted issues they have? Ask your market what niche problems they have not been able to solve, create a solution, and you guarantee traffic and sales in this smaller sub-niche.

Check Out

This tip works well for local and global sub-niche selection. is a virtual meeting place. It focuses on grouping people of similar likes and interests. Type your broad niche name into the search engine there, and you will see all kinds of physical and virtual meeting places relating to that keyword or phrase. In addition, smaller micro-niche markets are revealed.

Let Facebook Help

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and the other social media kingpins are treasure troves of niche information. Let’s say you began a business in the massive weight loss marketplace. Head over to your favorite social media site and search for “weight loss”. Browse the results and you will see dozens, if not hundreds, of potential sub-niches. This also provides a built-in marketplace.

You can see which groups and pages have the most members in a microniche. Facebook’s advertising platform has an excellent demographic targeting feature. So not only does this help you identify a popular sub-niche in a broader market, but it also provides a ready-made group of hungry prospects.