There is little doubt that YouTube has made a powerful impact on internet marketing and advertising. With millions of people using YouTube on a daily basis, the YouTube advertising cost has naturally gone up. However, it is still quite low compared to many other forms of advertising considering its reach. So, it is little wonder that more small businesses, in particular, are using YouTube as part of their overall marketing strategy.

With videos becoming even more popular and some going viral, more businesses are turning towards advertising on YouTube to take advantage of their potential gain in customers. For those who are considering purchasing ads and seeing the YouTube advertising cost, you may want to consider four benefits that they provide for your business.

People Love Videos

Not only do millions of people love watching videos, but many of them also do so on mobile devices. Today, people are actually spending more time watching videos than ever before which means that reaching them is now easier using YouTube ads.

For companies looking for ways to increase their profits, video is one of the best ways to reach them because the interest is only growing.

Improve Business Brand
Interestingly enough, surveys have demonstrated that customers who watch videos produced by a particular company will have a more favorable attitude towards that business. Generally speaking, it garners therespect that your company produces videos and advertises on YouTube even if the products or services you offer are not their first choice. By making a presence on YouTube, you are establishing your business as one that is serious and will incur definite advantages that otherwise might be missed if you didn’t advertise on YouTube.

Reaching Mobile Devices
Around half the views of YouTube come from those using smartphones and tablets which mean that you may be tapping into a marketing not fully reached before using standard internet methods. This means that more people are discovering your products or services thanks to the YouTube ads which you have placed. With more people discovering your company, the greater your reach will be in expanding your customer base.

Almost all consumers believe that video is a great way to share information when it comes to learning about products. For most people, watching a video takes less energy and increases the overall comprehension about what you are offering as compared to images and text. Plus, video is a great way to tell a story and when done well has a powerful impact. If a picture says a thousand words, then video provides the best form of storytelling that engages consumers.

Since its inception around a decade ago, YouTube has grown considerably to become one of the most popular sites on the web. The videos that it hosts offer businesses a means to advertise and become more engrained with the public. For business owners who are looking to expand their customer base, the YouTube advertising cost is certainly reasonable and quite low compared to the return on investment that it may provide.