Project Description

Community based Website:
I. The Highly Sensitive Soul Society

Lisa Prosen owner of came to us with two great challenges.

1. Lisa had a vision to bring Highly Sensitive Souls together in one place, so she built a large following in group on facebook. This vision quickly became frustrating for Lisa. Here’s the story:
Practical Solutions for Highly Sensitive Souls-
This Facebook private group Practical Solutions for Highly Sensitive Souls – free group – grew large quickly – There are currently over 13,000 members in the group. This space proved to be too large to monitor unwarranted spam, and provided ongoing resources that to her community. Lisa needed a way to cultivate the community in a safer more sustainable way. The groups feature in Facebook allow for uploads of documents, but what she found was pinning important reminders to the top of the group proved to be ineffective for all members visibility. Important articles, resources, videos were disappearing in the group because the visibility in real time is based on various factors out of her control.

Solution: We consulted with Lisa to create a new community called The Highly Sensitive Soul Society. The build out of this community would begin within a website where her team could better manage and communicate with the HSS community – and allow for more structure overall for this arm of their business.


1. Members will now enter through a paid registration via the landing page, thus allowing for more intimate and committed community.

2. Layout: The community allows for clearer layout of important areas – as they will all have their own dedicated space, easy to locate via tabs within the closed community. The random uploads into the very general spaces in the facebook group for either videos, photos, or documents could now be expanded to clear channels and pages for each important aspect of her community.

3. The Community Forum: Members can now enter questions in the community forum, where they can be easily found and not go without being seen as they could potentially be in the Facebook group. The questions are now archived with answers – and members now have a clear way to find references for topics of concern and comment on other forum questions within the community.

4. Real Time Chat- A key concern was how members could engage in a safe space – and still have the chat options and comment option. We also integrated the Coffee Chat space, where all members can chat in real time with one another.

5. Blog Integration – This section fills the need for clear updates and reference links for articles, videos, “how to” topics, and more. The blog is fully operational, however members are not able to share the contents outside of the space of the community. Members can also engage in this area via the comments section after each update, article, video, shared in the blog.

Here’s what Lisa said about working with us during her project:

“The creative side of my work is awesome, but the techy stuff really scrambles my brains! Thank GOD for the amazing Sye Wells and her patience with me. I woulda gone crazy of I didn’t have her guidance through the whole process of building this website. I HIGHLY recommend her and her team at Jordan Hunter Digital Marketing. Their service and expertise is unmatched.”
Lisa Prosen,
Founder The Highly Sensitive Soul Society


Here’s what Lisa had to say about her experience and working with our company:
“More than a Website Consultant
Working with Sye Wells and has been so much more than just having a website developer. I came to her with a new brand, products still in development, some challenges in my sales funnel, and a whole bunch of ideas that I did not know how to implement. In addition, I did not know how I was going to be able to fulfill my dream of being able to travel for my business and still serve my clients.
In the course of our initial consultation, she asked all the right questions. Not only did we both become more clear about what I wanted to accomplish with the first project, she also helped me to see the bigger picture. There were systems that I could use to become almost 100% automated. As a right-brain thinker this news was both frightening and exhilarating. She assured me we would get it all done. Her gentle but “get it done” style and extremely organized system for delivering content made it a breeze to work with her.
So far, we have created automated systems for my free events, as well as an 8-week online course, which has enabled me to truly leverage my time and be able to plan my business year to include the live events and leisure travel that gives my life meaning. I am thrilled I chose to work with Sye, Marcus and the whole team at Jordan Hunter Digital Marketing. She and her team have delivered and continue to deliver above my expectations.

Lisa Prosen
Lisa Prosen International, LLC
Founder, and Practical Solutions for The Highly Sensitive Soul™