Project Description

A Fabulous Food Stylist

Jennifer Janz, founder of A Fabulous Food Stylist, came to us wanting to relaunch her website. Some of her goals were to clean up the overall look, make sure the site was content rich – and provided a way to truly share the visual aspects of her craft. With we built in several strategic ways for Jennifer to build her in house list so that she could stay in touch in regards to her upcoming courses, products from her new store, and blog updates. The home page uses video above the fold to connect with her potential food styling mentees followed by visual and content rich blog feed just below. Her expertise and list of clients prominently displayed just under the video to show clear expertise and social awareness of her work.

Throughout the website you will find that the “list Building” option is showing – non evasively at the top of the pages, and social sharing is integrated to drive content out to social platform and back from those platforms to her website.

The layout developed works directly with the goals of the company to build their list, drive content out on a regular basis, and sell products and services located strategically throughout the website.

Here’s what Jennifer had to say:
Thanks Sye Wells to you and your team for all your wonderful work. I am thrilled with the results.

Jennifer Janz,
Founder www.foodstylingmentor,com