Project Description

Tammy Kling is a highly sought after speaker, ghostwriter, author – she owns several businesses and her clients are the world changers of the world. Tammy wanted to provide access to the coaches and other entrepreneurs that reach out to her needing support. Tammy had created a course to support this group of professionals, however she was delivering the content as needed (and the demand was ever increasing) via email to each person upon purchase. The manual process was not time effective, and the delivery of the value in these courses was not streamlined.

We developed A full streamlined system to deliver the course and meet the other goals.

  1. The course is now delivered in clear weekly modules.
  2. All homework and bonuses are properly placed inside of each specific area and easily downloaded from each area.
  3. The course can be viewed on mobile devices.
  4. The course purchase area is centralized on a sales page that clearly outlines the course, who it is for, how to become a member, easy login button, become a referral partner button.