Project Description

Corporate Brand/Speaking Website
Gordon Tredgold came to us for help in re-launching his website. His previous website was more based on blogging – and his current direction was in the corporate consulting and speaking profession. Our goals were to incorporate the new look for his corporate brand “FAST”, while clearly integrating his various free offers, videos, his program, and also clearly have an avenue for event planners to engage him to speak at their events.

We laid out the homepage with a clear way to “start” above the fold. Because the market is corporate we did not use the traditional “email, name, subscribe” with a free offer on the home page. We used the area above the fold of the website’s home page to drive the reader to opt-in located on the clear landing page that shows after clicking the Start Here Button.

Gordon’s most important offerings are featured next – and integrated on the home page – in a clear and easy to navigate layout.

Gordon’s content from his highly sought after leadership blog and videos based his Fast Method are next.

Throughout the site you will find that Gordon’s goal of establishing authority, building his in house list, and providing ongoing engaging content intended to lead to the sell his books and get booked for speaking engagements.

The site is fully mobile responsive and integrates landing pages, sales pages, various contact pages, blog, videos, articles, and book store and more.

Here’s what Gordon had to say about his experience and working with our company:

Your team receives my highest recommendation, top quality product, top quality service = outstanding results. Exceeded my expectations, very clean, very simple, fitted my brand perfectly.

Gordon Tregold, Founder of F.A.S.T Method TM,
Inc. Magazine top 100 Leadership and Management Experts and Speakers