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Stephanie Breedlove

is a thought leader who helps entrepreneurs understand how to create a business with economic impact. She has spent a career walking the walk of a woman entrepreneur, building an integrated life of family and high growth business.

Women owned businesses contribute only 3.8% of total U.S. revenue and employ only 6% of the workforce.

“Let’s not leave more on the table than we should. Let’s not settle. Let’s believe that developing our talents to the fullest is good for us, our families, society and the economy.”

Speaking Topics

  • Entrepreneurial Success: From Inception to Maturity
  • Women in Entrepreneurship
  • Integration of Family and the Entrepreneurial Career
  • Mentorship Philosophy: A Cornerstone of Business Culture and Operations
  • Business Vision and Strategy
  • Building Scalable, High Value Business
  • Creating Efficient, Profitable AND High-Touch Value Driven Business
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What Others Are Saying

I have known Stephanie Breedlove for over 15 years – as a neighbor, friend and client. On top of being, along with husband Bill, the founder of a very successful and innovative start-up company, she is a great mom and wife, and a great friend. She has an easy and pleasant personality, lots of enthusiasm, and the smarts and people skills to be a great leader – as evidenced in the success of their company. She would be a great addition to any organization, and folks in those organizations lucky enough to get her will soon be looking to her for leadership.
Wade Cooper, Managing Partner, Jackson Walker
Upon our acquisition of Town + Country Resources in 2008, we quickly learned the incredible value provided by Breedlove and Associates to both our clients and our staff, who both rely on their guidance and expertise. With unparalleled responsiveness, professionalism, and understanding of in-home employment, Breedlove is second to none in the industry. As a business partner, Stephanie has taken extraordinary steps to immerse herself in the work we do and find ways that she and Breedlove could add value to the services we provide. Stephanie has also been a favorite speaker at industry conferences where business owners fill the room eager to learn from her experience. She has a clear mastery of her subject matter and knows how to apply her knowledge to business.
Carrie and Jens Hillen, Town + Country Resources