About Stephanie

Stephanie Breedlove is to women entrepreneurs what Sheryl Sandberg is to corporate women. Sheryl is a strong voice for women’s workplace empowerment.  But for the woman entrepreneur self-funding a business and trying to make it without the backing of an established company and a steady paycheck, the advice and strategies are often different.

Women entrepreneurs are proponents of leaning in, because they have chosen the hardscrabble path of entrepreneurship. So why aren’t more women entrepreneurs doing what men do, taking the leap into entrepreneurship and growing their companies into multi-million dollar ventures?

Stephanie Breedlove started, built and grew her company to national leadership before selling it for upwards of $50 million dollars. After more than twenty years as a woman in entrepreneurship, Breedlove has become an outspoken authority on the topic of women entrepreneurs.

During the season she built her business, she also raised two children within a successful marriage. Breedlove had no start-up funding, no family money, and no background running a business.  To create the life she desired, she often found herself at major crossroads.  The kind that alter the direction and outcomes of life.  The kind that require you to really dig deep to get to where you want to go.

As with most entrepreneurs, the business idea emerged from a need. “We needed a nanny to provide care for our children and we knew we wanted to do it right.  We wanted the relationship with our nanny to be built on professionalism, and we wanted to ensure she received the benefits and protections other Americans enjoy.

Trying to handle the ‘nanny tax’ process was a burden we didn’t understand or have time for, so we went in search of help.  We couldn’t find it.  Couple this with an overwhelming desire to give and achieve more than our ‘corporate boxes’ allowed, we decided to just build it.”

Breedlove & Associates was born as a grassroots, personally funded offering of payroll, tax, and consultative services to families with in-home care.  As CEO, Stephanie has become a thought leader and national expert in the emerging care industry.  Her rare ability to combine scale, profitability and quality through clear vision grounded in value-add, long-term strategies has made her a sought after mentor, business expert and entrepreneurial thought leader.  

Stephanie truly is ahead of her time, offering a life time of example for women entrepreneurs striving to answer the calling and build growth businesses that are successfully integrated into a fulfilling life.  Her expertise and experience has been featured in major media and multiple networks across the Nation.

What Others Are Saying

Business Partners and Care.com Executive Testimonials

When given a chance to work with Stephanie run, don’t walk towards the opportunity. I was first drawn by the story of her tremendously successful company, Breedlove & Associates. She found a market need, developed a service founded on top notch service and delivered result after result for family after family.

Her ability to motivate her team and push the envelope of technological possibilities led me to partner with her on the mission we both share, namely establishing the highest standards for the domestic care industry.

Stephanie is an expert in the Care field, as she counsels countless business owners, advises government initiatives, and inspires dozens of female entrepreneurs. She does all this with grace, integrity, clarity of her voice, and power in her heart. I have been blessed to have her as a friend and a true inspiration.

Sheila Lirio Marcelo, Care.com Founder and CEO
Of all the professionals with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work, Stephanie Breedlove is an all-time favorite. I’ve known Stephanie since she entered the in-home care industry, a space I have occupied for 30 years. She quickly became a sought after conference presenter (she can engage a crowd) and business advisor. Three words come to mind when I think of Stephanie, ethical, ethical and ethical. She embodies trust. Her business acumen is rich, her personality is warm and approachable, and her sense of responsibility drives her to above and beyond performance in everything she does. She is a great communicator, able to get on board quickly and think through challenges with a creativity that is rare for a “numbers person”. I am lucky to know Stephanie and am even luckier that I have the privilege of calling her a dear friend.
Wendy Sachs, Founder and CEO, The Philadelphia Nanny Network
Stephanie is that rare combination of true entrepreneur and leader. She has the desire and tenacity to roll up her sleeves to build great products from scratch and then scale a team by inspiring them with her vision and leadership. In the years I have known and worked with Stephanie, she has never backed down from a challenge. Whether it be disrupting established yet inefficient industries, taking on entrenched competition, or pushing her team to find better ways to solve customer needs, Stephanie has led from the front in creating new opportunities to move our business forward. And she has the unique ability to galvanize an entire organization to get behind her vision to tackle these challenges. Stephanie leads by example—with the utmost integrity, attention to detail, and focus on the customer first. These qualities make the organization better and ensure long-term profitability as Stephanie’s award-winning teams follow her lead, deliver incredible service and products, and ultimately gain the trust of consumers.
Michael Marty, Care.com VP and GM - Operations, Sales and B2B
I have had the pleasure of working with Stephanie Breedlove in many capacities over the past 15 years: board members, joint conference presenters, and as a long standing client of Breedlove & Associates. I cannot say enough about Stephanie. She is sharp, hard-working, innovative, collaborative, and creative. She carefully and thoughtfully approaches her work and is results driven. Her character is nonjudgmental, compassionate, trustworthy, and she has the highest ethical standards. She is a gifted speaker, always welcoming and very engaging to her audience. On a personal note, Stephanie is simply enjoyable to be with as she makes others feel empowered and happy.
Sharon Graff Radell, Founder and President, TLC Family Care